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About Our Fly Control System

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An electric pump begins humming. Immediately a fine mist of water-based insecticides appears out of the nozzles located in the ceiling of the barn. The light air currents in the barn slowly swirl the mist around and flies begin dropping out of the air, dead. After a minute the pump shuts off and the mist vanishes.

As the farm manager and a client approach the area where the client's horses are boarded, they find the animals are calm and content. The barn is free of flying insects.

The insecticides and Automatic Insect Control System, in the above scenario, are the result of feedback from the experienced horsemen who require a safe, economical and effective insect control system for their barn or stable.

The Automatic Insect Control system is programmable in operation of desired cycle time and hour of the day (24-hour). This system eliminates waste and saves money in insecticide costs.
These Automatic Insect Control Systems are manufactured in Ocala, Florida and are custom designed for your barn. They are easily installed, taking an average of six to eight hours for an eight stall barn.

Shoo-fly is proud to say we would not change one single component. There are none better. Many of Shoo-fly's systems have been in operation for over 20 years and are still going strong. 

Shoo-fly water emulsifiable insecticides are compatible with all other spray systems of this type. Our insecticides meet or exceed the safety and effectiveness of all of our competitors' products.

We maintain a complete inventory and have fast shipments of insecticides and/or parts anywhere in the United States. Most of our customers maintain their own system, enjoy the savings and the lowest prices available anywhere. It's quite easy!


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