The Nose Knows..

NI-712 has always been the most effective odor sliminator on the market. A new, patented ingredient boosts the natural odor-eliminating power.

Eliminates the worst odors in seconds! Even skunk odors disappear. Super-concentrated; one spray keeps an average room odor-free for up to eight hours. Unlike most air fresheners, NI-712 actually eliminates odor, it doesn't just cover it up. Truly an industrial strength odor eliminator!

NI-712 eliminates the most pungent airborne or surface odors. Including but not limited to: smoke odors from cigars and cigarettes, spoiled food, fish, cooking odors, medical condition, incontinence and urine, pet odor, vomit and many other foul smelling odors.

Use in restrooms, lobbies, hotels, daycare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, animal kennels and facilities and much more!

NI-712 come in Orange or Lavender

  • Makes stale unplesant air Outdoor Fresh
  • Meets the requirements for use in Federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Adding half to a full bottle to the system will give the barn a fresh smell and help with odors.

Can also be added to a pump sprayer with water and Agrisyn to freshen up stalls, dog pens, furniture, curtains, any where that there are odors.



Complete Nozzle

Complete Nozzle


Concentrate 1

Concentrate 1


Livestock & Poultry Plus PBO 2pack

Livestock & Poultry Plus PBO 2pack


We use Shoo-Fly for all of our insect problems. They have been a stellar company to work with and produce an exemplary product that provides almost 100% eradication of flying pests.

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